Future Central Wyoming College Jackson facility construction put on hold

In this year's legislative session, Central Wyoming College had sought funding for the construction of a new building for its Jackson outreach center. But with the end of the session nearly here, it's becoming clear, that won't be a reality this year at least. Currently, the Jackson outreach center operates out of leased space from the Center of the Arts and the Elks Club. The desired new facility would allow for the expansion of the center's two most prominent programs: nursing and culinary arts. Last year, CWC received funding from the legislature to complete a Level 2 study, which is essentially for the basic planning and designing for the facility. The more than $6 million request this year would have funded construction. CWC Vice President for Administrative Services Ron Granger said the Joint Appropriations Committee removed the request from the budget, and it was not re-introduced to the budget through any amendments. Granger made it clear that this did not mean the project was necessarily dead nor does it mean that the Jackson programs are in any danger of failing to continue. He said CWC would continue with the Level 2 study and decide where to go from there, be it fundraising for the construction funds requesting it from the state again or other means. The Level 2 study should be finished in May. The leases currently existing in Jackson will continue, Granger added. #county10 #buckrail #news