Why review the county's recycling program? Supervisor provided answers

*Feature Photo: As part of the efficiencies obtained by the Fremont County Solid Waste District, rural transfer stations, like the one at Pavillion above, are now opened only once a week. (Pitchengine Communities) * (Lander, Wyo.) - In order to make its operation as efficient and cost effective as possible, and to fund the mandated future closure costs of its Landfills, a review of the recycling program is underway by the Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District. But that is just the latest review, said District Supervisor Andy Frey. "Over the past four and a half years, the district has increased its operational efficiency by reducing staffing numbers from around 45 to the current staffing at 24 FTEs (Full Time Equivalent)," he said. "The District has also reduced the hours of operation at its Lander and Sand Draw landfills to five days a week and its Dubois landfill to three partial days per week and initiated a tipping fee at the landfills and transfer stations." Frey also noted that the rural transfer stations went from being open 7/24/365 to one day per week. The Hudson transfer station was also closed, and the baling of trash was replaced with in-place compaction. "We are working to better understand the options for our recycling program, but no decision has been made at this point, we're researching this," he said. A District Board Subcommittee has made a recommendation for a possible reduction in the recycling program , which would continue to accept some recyclables while stopping to accept other. The district is facing, at this time, about $15- million of closure/post-closure costs of its landfills mandated by the Department of Environmental Quality. Frey said that made the efficiencies imperative so those funds could be set aside when needed, Frey noted that, to date, about $7.5 million has been banked for those expenditures. He also noted that there would be additional future costs to permit, excavate and build new landfill cells, money for which also needs to be set aside. The first landfill closure is coming in 2024 when the Lander Landfill must be closed. The site is then monitored in perpetuity. #county10 #news