It was nearly a clean sweep

*Feature Photo: The local area state math test was held last week at Central Wyoming College. (CWC / Pitchengine Communities) * (Riverton, Wyo.) - Lander students dominated the State Math Test held Feb. 24th at Central Wyoming College. Here are the top finishers: For the 11-12 Grade Division: ● Taurey Carr (Lander Valley High School) ● Duncan Makin (Riverton High School) ● Walter Womack (Lander Valley High School) For the 9-10 Grade Division: ● McKenzie Lilygren (Lander Valley High School) ● Jolynne Brough (Lander Valley High School) ● Carly Hutson (Lander Valley High School) Eighth Grade: ● Alexa Mazure (Lander Middle School) ● Ryan Brinda (Lander Middle School) ● Lily Gose (Lander Middle School) Seventh Grade: ● Kephas Olsson (Lander Homeschool STEM Club) ● Sierra Lloyd (Lander Middle School) ● Joe Goodrich (Lander Middle School) #county10 #news