Northern Arapaho seek injunction against ESBC and BIA

(Billings, Mont.) - The Northern Arapaho Tribe has asked a Federal Court in Montana to protect the Tribe and Tribal Court of the Wind River Reservation from efforts by the Shoshone Business Council and BIA to immediately replace all of the Tribal Court judges, prosecutors, public defenders and clerks. The Arapaho also asked the Federal Court in Billings to stop the Shoshone Business Council from using the name of the Arapaho Tribe in letters and job announcements issued only by the Shoshone Council. Last week the Northern Arapaho filed suit in Montana's Federal District Court to stop what the Tribe says are violations of its right to self- govern and its right to manage federal programs designed for the benefit of Arapaho tribal members. The lawsuit named as defendants, officials of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the Shoshone Business Council for allowing or taking actions on behalf of the Northern Arapaho without the Tribe’s consent. “We have tried to work together with Shoshone leaders but instead they act like the Arapaho are a second-class Tribe. It’s disrespectful of our sovereignty and it needs to stop before we can move ahead cooperatively,” said Northern Arapaho Business Council Chairman Dean Goggles. *Feature Image: Courtroom gavel ( / Pitchengine Communities) * #county10 #news