Konsmo for Congress! Mike Konsmo campaigns to represent Wyoming in the U.S. House of Representatives.

(Powell, Wyo.) Mike Konsmo, a community college professor from Powell, is making great strides on the campaign trail for Congress. “A good representative listens to the people,” Konsmo said. “In the first 38 days of our campaign, I have traveled through all 23 counties in our state. This is not my campaign, this is our campaign.” Konsmo is passionate about creating positive change in Wyoming by creating more jobs, stabilizing the oil, natural gas, and coal industries, developing small businesses, and bringing new companies and industries to the state. “Many people have told me that they are anxious about our state budget, our economy, our jobs, and our children’s future,” Konsmo said. “We need long-term solutions.” His experience as a teacher will help him be a positive representative. “My students always say that I am the most optimistic person they've ever met. I am thoughtful, I am a good listener, I build consensus, I solve problems. Let's be positive and create a positive future for our state.” [image: Inline image 1] Konsmo says that he wanted to run for Congress because he wanted to help students find jobs. “As teacher, I am concerned about students,” Konsmo said. “We have a great K-12 system, a great community college system, and a great university. Students are graduating from these schools and they can’t find the type of jobs that they can use to build a career, a family, and a full life.” Konsmo’s main concern is that college graduates end up moving out of state to look for employment. He believes the lack of jobs stems from an economy that is not as diversified as it can be. “We need to create a diversified economy,” Konsmo said. Konsmo will start this process by supporting the tourism and recreation industries. “For every $1 of tourism advertising we spend, we create $210 in spending in our state,” Konsmo said. “We can also support more production of films, commercials, and social media. The entire world loves content that showcases the beauty of Wyoming landscapes.” Konsmo also wants to be an ambassador for the state by bringing new companies to the state. He believes Wyoming’s quality of life and tax laws make it the perfect place to establish new businesses. He explains that bringing in new companies to the state will be critical in order to create a diversified economy. Konsmo will also create more marketing opportunities for small businesses. “Small businesses in rural areas need more support for social media, online sales, and marketing to tourists,” Konsmo said. “We need to reform federal taxes to reduce the tax burden on small businesses. We need to reform Obamacare so that small businesses don’t suffer. We need to remove any needless federal regulations.” In terms of mineral resources, Konsmo is adamant that we work together to strongly support coal, oil, and natural gas. “We need to stabilize the natural resource industries in our state,” Konsmo said. Konsmo uses the coal industry to illustrate his point. His plan is to reverse Obama’s moratorium on coal leases, build a coal terminal in Washington State, continue to develop clean coal technology, and use coal for cutting-edge products like carbon fiber. “We can change the narrative on coal. Coal can be positive. Our energy can change the world.” Konsmo said. “We need to invest time and money into a positive message.” Konsmo also believes that the price of oil must be stabilized on an international level. “We need to make sure the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and other oil-producing countries agree to production limits in order to increase the price of oil. If we do that, our state will see renewed oil production.” On the local level, Konsmo believes in traditional Wyoming values. For example, Konsmo is a strong proponent of gun rights. [image: Inline image 2] “I will always support second amendment rights one hundred percent,” Konsmo said. “We own more guns per person than any other state. We are educated about guns, we know how to handle guns, and we understand that tradition. We set the example for the rest of the country.” Konsmo will support legislation to delist wolves in Wyoming. He will make sure the citizens of Wyoming have more local control over federal public land. He will also ensure Wyoming stays away from Common Core. He emphasizes that each decision he makes will be guided by the Constitution. “Our vision is this: Our state and our people should always be in charge of the decisions that affect our state and our people,” Konsmo said. Konsmo offers a strong voice for the positive future of Wyoming. “If you’re interested in learning more about our campaign, visit my facebook page, where I post opinions and stories from campaign headquarters (my truck!), as I drive through our state to talk with people in every community. We can create a positive future for our state because we believe in Wyoming!” For more information, please visit Paid for by Konsmo for Congress #sponsored #news #county10 #oilcity #shortgo #reboot #county17 #buckrail #dally #springcity