BREAKING: Reconfiguration of Riverton's elementary schools approved

*Feature Photo: The audience at the Riverton School Board meeting broke out in applause with the approval of the reconfiguration of the elementary schools at Tuesday night's meeting. (Pitchengine Communities)* (Riverton, Wyo.) - The vote was six to one to reconfigure the elementary schools in Riverton to one Kindergarten/Early Childhood building with three k-3 schools and one 4-5 school. Only trustee Kevin Tippets voted against the measure, saying it would lead to bigger government and unfair competition to existing private pre-school programs. The audience, comprised mostly of district staff, broke out into applause after the board's vote approving the change. "This isn't something that has come about overnight," said Dean Peranteaux. "This has been needed and talked about for many years." Trustee Lorenzo Chouinard, said the issue had been a struggle for him, but "I get my cues from the professionals in the field, we have to listen to the professionals," he said. He also noted any concerns can be worked out as they arise. "After our last work session, It made sense to me," said Glenn Ogg. "I thank the staff for their presentations. We'll work through any issues." Sandy Barton said the program "will make a difference," she said. "We've seen it work in other communities where reading scores have gone through the roof. We have to start somewhere because 40 percent of our students need this." Chairman Carl Manning said change is hard, "it's never an easy thing to do." Superintendent Terry Snyder said a district goal is to maximize student achievement. "this is not the only strategy that will make a different, it is one and it is a design that our staff believe is the best way to go." #county10 #news