Subjects who died in Bridge fall were intoxicated; EMS crew reprimanded after plunging into the river

*Feature Photo: Emergency vehicles crowded the Diversion Dam Road after two people fell and/or lept from a bridge into the Big Wind River. (Pitchengine Communities) * (Riverton, Wyo.) - A Fremont County Coroner's Verdict and Case Docket indicated that both individuals who fell from the Diversion Dam Bridge onto concrete below on February 26th were intoxicated. Seventeen-year-old Tab Noline had a blood alcohol level 0.309 percent and his mother, 46-year-old Virginia Noline-Perry's blood alcohol was measured at 0.194 percent. The legal limit is 0.08 percent. According to the docket, Tab Noline died of "Massive head trauma from a fall from a 22 ft. height." Noline-Perry's death was attributed to "Massive internal trauma and exsanguination (blood loss) due to a fall from greater than 25 feet." The fatalities are being investigated by the BIA Wind River Police. In a related incident, Fremont County Emergency Services Interim Manager Kendra Bogacz said the EMS crew who responded to the scene were reprimanded for walking across ice and wading through the river to reach one victim and, bringing her back out, fell through the ice into the river while carrying the gurney with the victim. Bogacz said their actions violated EMS policy and that they should've waited for the water rescue team to arrive with the necessary equipment and expertise to extract the victim. #county10 #news