Revised ambulance contract posted; Decision to be made March 22

(Lander, Wyo.) - The revised contract between the county and Air Medical Resource Group, Inc. (Guardian) to take over ground ambulance services in the county has now been posted on the main page of the county's website. Among the changes to the document was the withdrawal of providing ambulance flight insurance for all county residents. Guardian now must also maintain its own 24-hour a day 911 dispatch services, or contract for those services from the Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center. The company will be penalized if 70 percent of its call response time is more than 20 minutes. Other aspects of the contract were left intact, including the fee levels charged for services. Guardian still has the right to acquire the ground ambulance system and its assets after five years. Each party has the right to terminate the agreement with 90 days notice. The newly revised contract was finalized at this week's commission meeting and, after a glitch with the county's web site was fixed, it is now available for public comment. Written comments will be received through March 18th with a decision to be made at the commission's March 22nd meeting. #county10 #news