Ambulances to get GPS units to improve response time

*Feature Photo: An ambulance is prepped for response at the Riverton EMS Station on Petersdorf Road. (Pitchengine Communities) * (Riverton, Wyo.) - It can be one of the most frustrating occurrences of one's life. There's a medical emergency and the ambulance gets lost, or drives right past the address and has to turn around, wasting valuable time of the "golden hour" to treat a patient. One of the most recent incidents occurred on March 3rd when an ambulance using a Google Map System, drove past an address on the Eight Mile Road before turning around about a mile or so down the road and retracing its steps. It happens more than the county's Emergency Management Services Interim Director likes, so she's done something about it. With $57,992 in grants and donations, Spillman GPS units, the same brand used by the Fremont County Dispatch Center in Lander, have been purchased and will be installed in the county's 14 ambulances. Called a Mobile Data Terminal, the mapping system units are expected to be received later this month, with installation in April, according to Kendra Bogcaz. "This system will also allow the dispatch center to see the location of each ambulance and its destination to follow its progress," she said. The new units were funded through a $28,996 State Mineral Royalties Grant, a $15,000 donation from First Interstate Bank and donations from the Wind River Hotel and Casino ($7,996), Encana Oil and Gas USA ($5,000) and Marathon Oil ($1,000). "The goal, of course, is to reduce our response time on calls by having an accurate map and directions to follow," Bogacz said. [image: Inline image 1] *Bogacz received a $15,000 donation from First Insterstate Bank. * *[image: Inline image 2]* *The Northern Arapaho Tribe made a donation of $7996 for the project. * *#county10 #news *