Video pays homage to Wyoming, mountain biking and memories of a passed friend

Henry Austin is a young local creative talent. A Lander Valley High School graduate, he recently published a video (below) while home from college. County 10 reached out to get a bit of background so that we could share and celebrate local creativity, but with context: *County 10: What was the inspiration for this video?* *Henry Austin:* *Alan Mandel (LVHS friend) and I had been wanting to make a mountain biking video for a number of years but our schedules never quite seemed to line up. Either he was riding and building bike trails along the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia or I was absent, attending school on the East coast. When I was home for winter break this past December and January, Alan and I were finally able to coordinate in making a video. Immediately, we knew this would be a special project when we happened to meet another collaborator, Jesse Webb, who shot all the drone footage and really helped capture the vast and enormous landscapes of Wyoming.* *Sometimes it shocks me that It’s been over a year since Joe McGowan passed away. Alan will tell you that the whole reason he started riding bikes was because of Joe. I remember Joe telling me that at first he was better than Alan, but before too long Alan was landing backflips. Then we would laugh because we both knew Alan is crazy. Joe also always supported my interest in photography and video work. Both 4th of July videos that I’ve done were essentially directed by him and many of my other videos feature or involve him. It was always just so inspiring to work with Joe because he would push you in such interesting directions. And so much has changed since then, but Alan is still riding his bike, I’ve still got a camera in my hand, and Wyoming’s still as empty and windblown as it was 100 years ago. It’s a rugged, resilient kind of beauty. * Austin has also created a photo book titled: *The White Sky Over Me* (click title for link) that was made this past year with a McKee photography grant. The book received an award from Bowdoin College Arts Department, and the revenue for the purchase of each book goes directly to the Joe McGowan Fund. #county10 #springcity #news