Fremont County Republicans go for Cruz; St. Rep. elected national delegate

*Feature Photo: State Representative David Miller (HD55) emerged as the county's National Delegate at the county Republican convention Saturday afternoon. * (Riverton, Wyo.) - The Fremont County Republican Convention this afternoon elected it's national convention representative, and St. Rep. David Miller pledged his support to Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Four national delegates were nominated, two had pledged for Cruz, one for Donald Trump and one for Ted Rubio. One of the nominators, Walt Olson of Lander, who had pledged for Cruz, withdrew his nomination so as not to split the vote, according to convention spokesman Richard Gard. Miller then won the overall ballot to represent the county at the national convention in Cleveland in July with his pledge for Cruz. The other nominated candidates were Dr. Kevin Roberts of Lander who had pledged support for Marco Rubio and Riverton's Dennis Tippets, who had pledged support to Donald Trump. Tippetts was the county's national delegate eight years ago when Mitt Romney was the GOP standard-bearer. #county10 #news