Pavillion adopts new policy in wake of citizen complaint; One town revenue source increased

*Feature Photo: The Pavillion Town Council members are, from left, Eileen Smith and Bud Kisling, Maintenance Supervisor Bud Dooley, Town Clerk/Treasurer Beckie Hatcher, councilor Tauna Groomsmith and Mayor Tex Frazier. Council Member Richard Johnson was absent. (Pitchengine Communities) * (Pavillion, Wyo.) - The Town of Pavillion will now require its employees to fill out time logs with their specific hours spent on duty as a follow-up to a citizen's complaint. That decision was announced at Monday's Town Council meeting. Town resident Patricia Johnson complained earlier this year that, among other concerns, Pavillion's Maintenance Supervisor Bruce Dooley was doing favors for the mayor on the town's time. The allegation alleged Dooley was assisting Mayor Tex Frazier with building goose blinds and doing other work to benefit the mayor. The two, apparently are friends and hunting companions. In addition to the new time log requirement, in a formal response to the complaint written by Town Attorney Perry Marple, the Mayor and Dooley have agreed to forgo such work activities together to avoid any appearance of impropriety. They can still hunt together, of course. In the document, which was read aloud at Monday's meeting by Councilor Tauna Groomsmith, it was noted Dooley is required to work eight hours a day for the town, but those hours are flexible as long as he puts in eight hours. It was noted that none of Dooley's responsibilities to the municipality were neglected. In other news from the meeting, Town Clerk/Treasurer Beckie Hatcher reported on good news for the community in regards its annual disbursement from the State of Wyoming. She said lawmakers in Cheyenne passed a $105-million outlay for cities, towns and counties and agreed to disperse the funds on the Madden Formula, which will increase Pavillion's allocation by over $10,000 to $47,144 this coming fiscal year. It was about $36,000 last year. Mike Madden is a legislator and economist from Buffalo and he proposed the new distribution formula, which the legislature adopted. The formula provides more funding for the state's smaller communities. Hatcher, however, noted that there would not be any county consensus funds for the next fiscal year as those were cut from the state's budget. "It will be a trying time (for our budget) for the next few years," she said. #county10 #news