Whitco Blasting LLC - Log home restoration and much more

*(Fremont County, Wyo.) *- After seeing a need for log home restoration in Wyoming, Lander local, Kevin Whitmore decided to open up his own business to fill this niche. Whitco Blasting LLC out of Lander, WY has been in operation since 2012. Whether you're in need of a day's worth of log home chinking or a total restoration project to rejuvenate the look of your home, Whitco Blasting can do it all. If it's the interior or exterior blasting you're looking for, they offer a wide range of blasting services that include: *Staining - *Staining your home is multi-advantageous. Most choose the type and color of stain based on aesthetic appearance. Other advantages are protection from water, bugs, UV rays, mildew and mold. Generally speaking, the more pigment in a stain, the more protection you’ll have. Darker stains don’t always mean more pigment, but this is usually the case. *Chinking -* Chinking is a flexible, textured chinking that seals the open gaps between logs to eliminate heat loss and air infiltration. Even though it looks and feels like traditional mortar, it's not. Chinking is a pure acrylic that adheres to logs and stretches to maintain a tight seal by following log movement. *Abrasive Blasting* - It is important to know the differences in blasting media, since different abrasive blasting media are required for different applications. Blasting media can be used for purposes such as cleaning, stripping, etching, strengthening and polishing. In addition to the media type, grit or mesh size is another factor to consider for your application. The final choice of media depends on the nature of the work required and on the blasting equipment that is employed. This blasting media selection guide contains a list of the common blasting media and the differences in blasting media. *Graffiti Removal *- Whitco Blasting can handle your graffiti removal in a timely manner whether it's brick, concrete, stone, wood and metal surfaces. *Heavy Smoke and light fire damage* - Structural wood with light fire damage may be restored in place, surfaces with heavy smoke damage may also be restored to near perfect condition, such surfaces to include brick, block , concrete, steel or wood. *Whiteco Blasting performs residential, commercial and industrial jobs. Call 307-850-5062 for more information.* Check us out on Facebook !