LVHS Juniors host "Night at the Museum"

Each year LVHS Juniors have been asked to present information about family artifacts (pre-1979) resulting from research that they had performed over the past few weeks. [image: 20160317_180829.jpg] Tonight provided a deep picture of family--and oftentimes--Wyoming's history and offered some unique and rarely heard stories about the people who live and have lived here. Students shared antiques, family legacies and interesting artifacts with anyone who would listen. Items ranged from medical artifacts from the old Yellowstone Drug Store to a Native American War Axe used in the battle of Little Big Horn. Check out some of last night’s participants and displays below: [image: collector.png] [image: Joshua Rohrbacher.png] Joshua Rohrbacher (above) shares the Ike Jacket his grandfather wore in World War II and the meaning of the various medals that were bravely earned. [image: Jacob Nichols.png] Jacob Nichols explains the significance of his Great-Grandfather's 1906 pump-action .22 caliber rifle to volunteer judges (above). *Feature image: Josh Trembly (above) shares his family history tied to Yellowstone Drug Store (and a very unique Alka-Seltzer dispenser).* #county10 #news