One site had 8 inches in late week snow; Totals reported

*Feature Photo: The large wet snowflakes covered the ground quickly, and just as quickly, melted away. (Pitchengine Communities) * (Riverton, Wyo.) - The mountains received most of the snowfall in the late week storm according to the National Weather Service Forecast Office at Riverton Regional Airport. In Fremont County, the Lander Foothills received most of the valley snow, with 2 to 4 inches reported. The Owl Creek Range snotel site recorded 4 inches in Hot Springs County. Riverton had just four-tenths of an inch and just northeast of Thermopolis, a half-inch of snow fell. The NWS report for Fremont and Hot Springs counties is copied below: ...LATEST SNOWFALL REPORTS FROM WEDNESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY MORNING... BELOW ARE SNOWFALL TOTALS FROM WEDNESDAY THROUGH ABOUT NOON ON FRIDAY. THE HEAVIEST SNOW OCCURRED IN THE NORTHERN STAR VALLEY AND THE NORTHERN THIRD OF THE UPPER GREEN RIVER BASIN...WHERE 4 TO 8 INCHES OF SNOW...WITH ISOLATED AREAS SEEING HIGHER AMOUNTS. THIS SNOW FELL VERY QUICKLY WEDNESDAY EVENING IN CONVECTIVE SNOW SHOWERS WHERE SNOW WAS FALLING 2 INCHES AN HOUR! SEVERAL OTHER SNOWBANDS DEVELOPED ON THURSDAY...BRINGING LIGHT ACCUMULATIONS EAST OF THE DIVIDE. NOTE...SNOTELS (SNOW TELEMETRY) ARE REMOTE SENSING SITES IN HIGH MOUNTAIN WATERSHEDS. SNOWFALL DATA FROM SNOTELS ARE ESTIMATED BASED ON SNOW WATER EQUIVALENT. LOCATION SNOWFALL FREMONT COUNTY... TOWNSEND CREEK SNOTEL... 8 INCHES. 9.5 SW LANDER... 4 INCHES. SOUTH PASS SNOTEL... 4 INCHES. ST. LAWRENCE ALT SNOTEL... 4 INCHES. HOBBS PARK SNOTEL... 4 INCHES. 6 SW LANDER... 3.2 INCHES. 7 WNW LANDER... 3.2 INCHES. ATLANTIC CITY... 3 INCHES. LANDER... 2.2-3 INCHES. COLD SPRINGS SNOTEL... 3 INCHES. LANDER AIRPORT... 2.3 INCHES. BROOKS LAKE... 2 INCHES. 3 SW LANDER... 1.5 INCHES. JEFFREY CITY... 1 INCH. 9 SSE LANDER... 1 INCH. RIVERTON AIRPORT... 0.4 INCHES. HOT SPRINGS COUNTY... OWL CREEK SNOTEL... 4 INCHES. 9 NE THERMOPOLIS... 0.5 INCHES. #county10 #springcity #news