Dubois woman to compete in 2,700-mile bike race

Dream your life. Live your dream. That’s the motto of Dubois yoga instructor Becki Neidens. Her friends gathered on Saturday evening at the Nostalgia Bistro to help her fulfill it, as she joins the self-supported TourDivide mountain bike race from Banff, Alberta, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, this summer. This particular dream was inspired years ago, by the sight of competitors jubilantly crossing the highway on Togwotee Pass on their bikes. The image never left her mind. The 2,745-mile ride begins on the second weekend in June. Only last month, Becki began teaching herself to sew, to create decorated T-shirts for sale to support her ride. Many sample T-shirts were on display last Saturday, along with several dozen of her bright paintings and an array of block-printed greeting cards. Becki must complete the route in 28 days, in time to pick up her two young children from relatives who will care for them in Tucson during the race, while her husband Jeremy is busy with his job as head of a wilderness-adventure program for adolescents and teenagers located in Dubois. She will almost certainly ride (and camp) in snow at the northern end of the ride, and must carry with her whatever supplies and food she needs during the trek. Becki says she is one of only 5 women among the 135 registrants to date. Another registrant is from Lander. At the fund-raiser on Saturday, she said she hopes to see supporters cheering her and the Lander contestant when they reach Union Pass. Supporters will be able to follow her progress during the race on the TourDivide website. [image: neidensfundraiser3.jpg] *Becki's children Betty (4) and Devlin (3) with some of her block-printed cards.* *[image: neidensfundraiser4.jpg][image: neidensfundraiser1.jpg]* *Feature photo: Becki and Jeremy Neidens* *story and photos h/t Lois Wingerson / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news