BREAKING: Fremont County approves ambulance privatization contract

On July 1, 2016, Guardian Air Medical Service will take over the operations of the Fremont County Ambulance. The move to privatize and approve the contract was passed unanimously minutes ago by the Fremont County Commission. Read the complete contract . The five-year contract leases the county's equipment to the company and turns operations and revenue over to them as well. "The way the economic times are hitting us now," Commissioner Larry Allen said, "I think is an avenue we should take." Prior to the vote, all of the commission spoke in favor of the contract, saying that any hiccups in the first version of the contract have been ironed out and that the move is what is best for the citizens. Commission Chairman Doug Thompson, who joined the meeting via phone, said the contract allows the county plenty checks and balances that will allow them to hold Guardian accountable over the life of the agreement. Earlier during this morning's meeting, rival air ambulance provider Classic Lifeguard alleged that not all legal processes during the proposal period were followed and called for the commission to halt the decision. #county10 #news