Dr. Frost's 6 tips to a healthy pregnancy

*(Fremont County, Wyo.) -* Whether you're thinking about getting pregnant or you already are, it's possible you know that there are steps you need to take to ensure a healthy pregnancy. When you take good care of yourself during pregnancy, you're taking good care of that precious cargo inside your belly. Here are Dr. Frosts 6 tips to a healthy pregnancy! *1. Eat well *- "Eat well because you are eating for two. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and good proteins! Take prenatal vitamins with folic acid to help the baby's nervous system development (brain &spinal cord)." *2. Exercise *- "Pregnant women may engage in moderate physical activity throughout their pregnancy if they have no obstetric or medical complications. Exercise helps a woman maintain cardiorespiratory muscular fitness. It may help women have an easier labor with the strength to push that baby out but also to help them maintain longterm health!" *3. No drugs or alcohol -* "Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may result in fetal alcohol syndrome. This can cause both physical and mental defects in the fetus. Drug use can result in preterm deliveries, miscarriages or stillbirths." *4. Early prenatal care *- "Receive early prenatal care at about 7-8 weeks gestation. The gaol of prenatal care is to increase the probability of a healthy infant and mother. At the first prenatal visit, we obtain a history of medical, genetic and obstetric data so that potential problems can be anticipated and probably avoided." *5. Cut back on caffeine *- "It's a stimulant and you wouldn't give it to a small child, so your baby doesn't need it either." *6. Avoid taking medicines that aren't safe during pregnancy *- "Many medicines are harmful to either the fetus or mother during pregnancy, including over-the-counter medicines. Always consult your OB provider before taking and medication." *Dr. Frost is now accepting new patients at their new location, located at 1005 College View in Riverton, right beside the hospital in the Wind River Clinic. Call 307-857-3488 or 800-273-0184 to make an appointment.* #sponsored #health #county10 #news