Local jobless rate tops in Wyoming

*Feature Photo: Pitchengine Communities file photo of a working rig at Sand Draw in 2014 * (Casper, Wyo.) - The downturn in the energy industry has impacted Fremont County workers to the extent that the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 8.1 percent in February. That compares with a 5.8 percent jobless rate one year ago this same month. The overall state unemployment rate has also jumped, from 4.7 percent in January to 5 percent in January. One year ago the rate was 3.8 percent. As usual, Fremont County has the state's highest unemployment rate, at the above mention 8.1 percent rate. The lowest jobless rate in the state is in Teton County at 3 percent. According to the Research and Planning section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, there were 20,271 workers in the county's labor force in February while only 18,689 of those workers held a job. The number of unemployed workers was 1,632. Statewide, total nonfarm employment (measured by place of work) fell from 286,100 in February 2015 to 277,000 in February 2016, a decrease of 9,100 jobs (or –3.2%; a statistically significant decrease). The statewide totals are reported below: [image: Inline image 1] #county10 #news