Hypothermia claims two; Alcohol and Marijuana intoxication cited in deaths

The Fremont County Coroner's office released four verdict and case dockets on Thursday. They included: • The death of 17-year-old Adrianna Goggles was ruled accidental. Goggles death on February 27th was caused by hypothermia after she crashed her vehicle west of Fort Washakie. Toxicology tests revealed the teen's blood alcohol level was at 0.084 percent and that she had 4.5 ng/mL of THC, the active ingredient of marijuana, in her system. • Fifty-Six-year-old Alfred Friday's death on February 27th was ruled accidental as a result of hypothermia and acute ethanol intoxication. The man's blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.225 percent. • The death of Mary Lee, 81, on February 27th was ruled natural from a heart attack. • The death of a pedestrian struck and killed by a vehicle just east of Lander on March 9th on Highway 789 was ruled accidental. Reva SunRhodes was found to be under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana. Her blood alcohol level was 0.145 percent and the active ingredient of marijuana, THC, was found at a level of >50 ng/mL in her system. #county10 #news