Lander Valley Family Practice partners with Beachbody

*(Lander, Wyo.) *- Lander Valley Family Practice is teaming up with Beach Body representative, Roni Roemmich to offer overall mental and physical health to our community. "We're all about counseling and changing lifestyles," explained Dr. Margaret Easley. "Partnering with Beach Body supports our effort in making this happen." Beach Body is a total health and fitness solution. So whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get healthy, Beach Body can help you reach your individual goal. Each program combines challenging workouts with easy-to-follow guidelines, nutritional supplements, and peer support. "It's easy to stay on track with workouts and a meal plan when you're held accountable," said Roni. "I'll encourage you and make sure you're doing everything you can to reach that goal." Dr. Margaret Easley and Roni Roemmich will host a free seminar on Wednesday, March 30th where you can learn good eating habits, exercise routines and how Beach Body can help you achieve both mental and physical wellbeing. The seminar will be held at Lander Valley Family Practice at 6pm. Call 307-332-3050 to RSVP or feel free to just show up! Lander Valley Family Practice , 930 Buena Vista Dr., Lander, WY