Lawrencetta "Etta" Addison

Etta Addison age 58, passed away Wednesday, March 23, 2016 in Riverton, WY.Funeral Services will be held Wednesday, March 30th at 10:00 AM at Blue Sky Hall with LDS Church officiating. An Evening Service and Wake will be held Tuesday, March 29th at 7:00 PM at Blue Sky Hall with a Wake to follow at the Clyde WallowingBull residence #584 Ethete Rd. Interment will be in the WallowingBull Cemetery. She was born May 15, 1957, in Lander, WY the daughter of the late Florine WallowingBull and Lawrence Antelope. Etta was a lifelong resident of the Wind River Indian Reservation. She attended schools at Mill Creek, Wyoming Indian and Intermountain. She enjoyed cooking, beading, music, traveling and being with her family, friends and grandchildren. She is survived by sons, Sheldon Lawrence, Kenneth Dean, Weston Allen, Torrey, and Orlando Lynden Antelope; sisters, Delphine and Lavina Antelope, Darla Amos, Ursulla Aragon, Maxine Moss, Georgie Crawford, Maxine Trosper, Clydine and Laura WallowingBull, Shasta Miller, Carol Iron, Illa and Glaydes St. Clair, Colleen and Valinda Brown, Mary Ann McWilliams and Mary Agnes Ghost Bear; brothers, Richard and Danny Ortiz, Anderson Antelope Sr. and Kenny Antelope, Lawrence White Antelope, Steven Amos and Eldon Starr; uncles, Clyde WallowingBull, Crawford and Nelson White Sr.; step-fathers, Jesse Amos and Alfred Oldman; aunts, Fransic and Flora Swallow, Gloria St. Clair, Mavis and Alvia Willow, Irma Groesbeck, Sylvia Brown, Joyce Hutchinson, Laverne White, Velma Rhodes and Theresa Marie and Emma Jean Wells; grandchildren, Deondra, Sirrea and Ken Moon Jr., Hailey, Hunter, Storm, Jayden, Christina, Jaylen, Zavior and Kyleigh Addison; nieces and nephews, Aurilda Standing Elk, Angelica, Autumn and Kencie WallowingBull, Marie Willow, Shyleen, Sheyenne Two Bulls, Nicole Whiteplume, Veronica, Tristan and Ampo Amos, Josephina Flores, Taylor Lynn, LeLa Kay C'Hair, TaShae Sage, Tash and Shawnita Osborne, Chas Make Shine, Ricky Trosper and Kencie Crawford, Joshua Sr., Jeff, Dean and Nate WallowingBull, Anderson Jr., Eldon Jr., and Matthew Antelope, Steven Amos, Shilo Two Bulls, Alex Flores, Jesse Ray and Robert Willow, Zac and Clay Osborne, Milton Jr. and Trevor Trosper, George and Martin Brown Jr., Kenny Jr., Pacen and Dakota Crawford, Solo Fridayand Ryan and Danny Ortiz Jr. and families of Whiteman, Eagle Feather, Russell, Starr, Bull Coming, Sankey and friends of Oklahoma, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Utah. She was preceded in death by parents; sisters, Selma Willow, Delphine Antelope, Lisa WallowingBull, Lawayne, Patricia and Julieanna C'Bearing; brothers, Kenneth WallowingBull, Bryan and Herman St. Clair, Byron Brown, Herman Moss Jr., Sherman Jr. and George C'Hair, David, Benny and Jerome Oldman; aunts and uncles, Richard Dickie and Orlando Antelope Jr., David Sr. and John Oldman Sr., Theresa and Eieeln Antelope, Agnes Ortiz, Velinda Swallow, Randy WallowingBull, Dean and Weston Swallow; niece, Antionette WallowingBull; grandparents, Jesse and John Swallow, Mary and Orlando Antelope Sr.; grandchildren, Kimberly Kucera, Stormy Rain and Aspen Shi WallowingBull. Services provided by Wind Dancer Funeral Home. #county10 #obits