Snapped: Eight great snowmen (women):

(Lander, Wyo.) - Sequeil Cole Lozier, age 9, and his little brother, Joshua Hawkins Lozier, age 6, (above) collaborated on an epic 14-foot snowman with their parents, Jason and Laura Lozier near Boulder Flats. The big storm resulted in other snowfolks too, see them below: [image: Inline image 1] *Stephanie Caines posted this photo of an NBA Basketball SnowPlayer. * [image: Inline image 2] *h/t Jeffrey Silver* [image: Inline image 3] *h/t Kristy Fried* [image: Inline image 4] *h/t Kellie Coreson Gard* [image: Inline image 5] *h/t Juan Rivera* [image: Inline image 6] *h/t Kirbie Despain* [image: Inline image 7] *h/t Alison Woodward Weber* #county10 #news