250 job seekers in attendance at CWC's Job Fair

29 vendors and 250 job seekers made for one very successful Central Wyoming Job Fair today. Anne Even, Community Outreach Coordinator with CWC told County 10 that the turn out this year was one of the highest they've had in years. "Most of the job seekers were from the general community, but we had a good number of local High School students as well as Job Corps students." For the first year, CWC held three workshops throughout the day which included Resume writing, interview tips and tricks, aWyoming at Work website use skills. Debbie Lively, CWC Job Fair Co-Coordinator told us one job seeker in particular stood out to her today as a symbol of inspiration. "This particular individual has been out of work for over one year and he was here at 8:15 a.m. this morning -45 minutes before we even opened," she said. "The lesson here is not to give up hope. Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and we can be here to help at any time in your life." If you were unable to attend today's job fair, you are encouraged to reach out to Terri Hays with the Timing Department of Workforce Services at 307-856-9231 or visit #county10 #news