Championship-caliber female figure participants sculpted here

*Feature Photo: Toni Rafferty, with sword trophy, and Kami Jordan, inside the Iron Works Gym on Tuesday. (Pitchengine Communities) * (Riverton, Wyo.) - "The body is a work of art and we're here to help people sculpt their shape," said Toni Rafferty, Riverton's nationally ranked figure competitor and a trainer at the Iron Works Gym. "It's like a beauty pageant, only with muscles." A figure competitor for the past 10 years, Rafferty is now working with women (and men) at the Riverton gym helping them achieve their body-look goal, and getting them ready for figure competitions, if that is what they want to do. "We have a guy, Derek Miller, who is going to our next competition with us,"she said. Gym owner Kami Jordan, who is also a competitor, said they are busting the myth that females have to "bulk up" when doing weight training. "If people want to look younger and get the body shape they want, it takes discipline. We sit down with every person and find out what they want to achieve, then our trainers, Toni and Val, work with them on a total package of nutrition, cardio, weights and presentation," Jordan said. Rafferty added that the participants eat "real food." "This is not a diet," she said. "The judges aren't interested in skinny people, they want to see healthy sculpted bodies." [image: Inline image 1] *Kami Jordan at a competition. (Iron Works Gym / Pitchengine Communities)* Rafferty said the gym also works with people who are not interested in the competitions but just want to look better. Jordan stressed that the body sculpting can be done for anyone. "We are both moms, she said of herself and Toni. There's no age limit, either, men or women. For those who do want to get on stage, the trainers will help them achieve that goal as well. "It is really liberating to go on stage. As women, we are sometimes paralyzed by what others think of us, this took me out of my comfort zone," Jordan said. "I feel less vulnerable now, more liberated." "At each one of these competitions, there are over 300 participants, and only the top five get awards. At Las Vegas last week, I took 4th place and two of our clients finished 5th," she said. "To imagine that ordinary people in Riverton can be in the top five of such huge competitions is fantastic." The competitions are based on a person's height, weight and division they want to enter. Riverton competitors have been very successful in the Bikini Division, she said. Since Toni began training at the Iron Works Gym, she has taken five ladies to major competitions in Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming "and every one of us has placed between 2nd and 6th place," Jordan said. "We are blazing a fitness trail in Riverton." [image: Inline image 2] *Riverton's Ashley Fischer at a competition. (Iron Works Gym / Pitchengine Communities) * Rafferty said persons interested in competitions can come in right away as a new season of the shows is just beginning. The two trainers said they participate in the Jay Cutler Classics, which is the "minor league," also known the National Physique Committee. Winners at this level earn a professional card enabling them to participate in Internal Federation of Body Builders Shows. #county10 #news