Exercise your green thumb at these 10 Garden Expo workshops

*(Fremont County, Wyo.) -* The Garden Expo will be April 16, 2016 at Lander Valley High School (350 Baldwin Creek Road). The doors open at 9:00am and the fabulous workshops begin at 9:30am. Expert speakers will cover 10 topics throughout the day. Each session will run 45 minutes. Here are the 10 Barnyards & Backyards workshops you'll love at the 2016 Garden Expo: *1. Drip Irrigation Systems **by Jeff Edwards, UW Extension @9:30am - *Jeff will demonstrate ways to create drip irrigation systems for the garden. *2. City Chickens **by* *Hudson Hill, UW Extension @9:30am - *Hudson will discuss raising chickens in the backyard. Learn the basics of what it takes to raise chickens in Fremont County. Ordinances and regulations will also be discussed. *3. The Latest Buzz in Beekeeping** by Jack States, Professor Emeritus @10:30am - *Jack has over 60 years of experience in the beekeeping industry. Get a condensed review of beekeeping basics and learn about new technology in hive construction *4. No Till Gardening **by Caitlin Youngquist, UW Extension @10:30am **- *Learn how the roto-tiller affects soil health and options for reducing tillage in the garden. Come prepared to discuss your no-till garden experiences and share ideas. *5. Dutch Oven Cooking **by Jessie Allen, former Miss Wyoming @11:30am - *Jessie will teach the basics of Dutch oven cooking. Learn how to use this cooking method at home or outdoors. *6. Cool Season Veggies** by Farmer Fred, Local Producer @11:30am-* Learn how to grow early spring vegetables the organic way. We will discuss planting, cultivation, and harvest. Because of the many benefits of eating these beauties, Fred will emphasize nutrition. *7. Trees - Preparing For the Next Storm** by Kim Wilbert, Sweetwater Garden @1:00pm** - *A good question is, “What can I do with my trees and shrubs after they’ve been damaged by a storm?” The better question is, “How can I prepare my woody landscape plants to better tolerate big storms.” Learn to cultivate resilience “before the storm”. *8. Pasture Management Small Acreages **by Chance Marshell, UW Extension @1:00pm- *Learn strategies to make the most of your pasture while still providing adequate nutrition for your livestock. *9. Fearless Fermentation **by Laura Balis, UW Extension @2:00pm -* Learn the basics of fermenting sauerkraut and yogurt while Laura demonstrates. The workshop will include the science of fermenting, safety tips, and health benefits. *10. Fruit Production Do's and Don'ts **by Brian Sebade, UW Extension @2:00pm-* Learn about cold weather fruit tree production and varieties for backyard and hobby gardeners. If you have any questions, call Popo Agie Conservation District at 307-332-3114. Hope to see you there! *Sponsored by:* ​#sponsored #news #county10