Wife of presidential candidate makes quick stop in Lander

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders's wife, Jane O-Meara Sanders, made a quick stop in Lander this afternoon and met with a crowd at the Lander Bake Shop. "I thought there were be six people," she said, addressing the room as she walked in. Sanders gave a brief stump speech for her husband's campaign before taking questions from Landerites. She repeated Bernie's refrain that he believes there is too much power in the hands of a few. She also spoke about the overwhelming support from young voters, of which Bernie has had the most. "I know it's a pretty red state, to put it lightly," Sanders said before taking questions. Locals quizzed Sanders on the potential transfer of public lands to private entities. Her response: "Public lands should remain public." She was also asked about the future of the many Wyoming energy workers who are already being hit by the bust. Sanders said Bernie is adamant for switching the country's primary energy sources from fossil fuels to renewables. She acknowledged the loss of jobs that would mean for people in the coal, oil and gas industries, and said that Bernie has a plan for that. She said he would work to guarantee pensions and benefits for laid off workers as well as provide significant training so that workers could transition to the newer industries. On that note, she added that climate change would be Bernie's biggest focus off the bat if he won the election. "It's about priorities," she said. After hitting on healthcare, quality of life and systemic racism (mentioning that she made a stop on the Wind River Indian Reservation), Sanders took a group photo with the crowd before hitting the road to Casper. Sanders visit this week precedes the Fremont County Democratic Caucus which is Saturday at the Lander Valley High School Auditorium starting at 11 a.m. #county10 #news