Fort Washakie High students meet with the Shoshone Business Council

On Tuesday, April 5th, around 11 am, Fort Washakie High School students responded to the Shoshone Business Council chairman, Darwin St. Clair’s, invitation to meet with the SBC. The invitation was offered in light of the recent tragedies that involved FWHS students. The purpose of the meeting as communicated by Darwin St. Clair was to hear ideas from the Fort Washakie youth concerning how the community could help better meet the needs of youth and help prevent further tragedies. The council also wanted to encourage the youth to become more engaged. FWHS staff members Alice Ferris (grandparent), Scott Polson (Counselor) and Shad Hamilton (principal) helped the students schedule the meeting. Teachers worked with them in their homeroom groups to develop ideas for activities and services that could be provided to help the youth, and they worked to prepare the students for the meeting. Students elected to have seniors, Ty-Bailey Plentyhoops and Brandon Whiteman (included in pictures) speak to the SBC on their behalf. Around 25 students attended the meeting. Below is a list of ideas they presented. [image: SBC Meeting 1.jpg] SBC members encouraged the FWHS students to become more active in their community. Darwin St. Clair encouraged students to meet with the Director of the Boys and Girls club to plan more activities for high school aged youth. SBC member Ivan Posey said they needed to hear from youth a little more. SBC Co-chair Clint Wagon encouraged the students to get a student council going again and participate in more sports, clubs, and activities at school. SBC member Mike Chingman challenged FWHS students to organize and sponsor a community service related event between now and Labor Day (when they plan to host the Moccasin Lake Challenge Run). Mike said if FWHS students do this that he will honor them at the Moccasin Lake Challenge Run. SBC member Jodie Mc Adams wanted to follow up with students in another meeting, perhaps at their school, in May. FWHS principal, Shad Hamilton will work with FWHS staff and students to help facilitate and ensure action towards some of the ideas discussed in the meeting. FWHS students are looking forward to another meeting with the SBC in May and greatly appreciated the time the board provided to hear their concerns. *List of Ideas* Topics: • Teen Center with activities • Substance Abuse Counseling and other issues • Field trip/travel opportunities in the community • Concerts • Community mobilization during a crisis • Community food drive • Round dance/powwow • Guest speaker/comedian • Providing meals for affected families • Rec. or activities center • Swimming pool • Half way home/house/apartments for kids to be safe be fed, sleep, clothes washer, shower, counselors, baby supplies • Workout room, game room, sit and chill room with TV, food • Fix the hot springs swimming area • A rec center specifically for high school students (basketball court, pool, game room, work out room, game room, music/chill room) with food • A building that is perhaps half a half-way house and half a shelter. It would include a place to sleep at night that's safe, food, free washer and dryer, showers, counselors, diapers, baby food [image: SBC Meeting 2.jpg] *h/t Shad Hamilton / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news