Possible solutions for county's recycling problem begin to surface

A contingent of more than 50 residents attended a community forum this evening to learn and discuss the possibility of Fremont County reducing the amount of recycling it will take. The meeting began with Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District Superintendent Andy Frey explaining the difficulties and current status of the district and the recycling program (which can be read here ). [image: IMG_1019.JPG] Hosted by the Wyoming Outdoor Council and Lander United Methodist Church, the main purpose of the meeting was draw out potential solutions to the problem and identify key questions that need to be answered. Among the possible solutions discussed this evening were: -fees for recycling (which currently would mean at least $320/ton or a potential minimum $20/car load) -mandatory recycling to increase volume, -ban certain materials, -$1 fee per resident per month would almost cover current costs, $2 would cover costs and improve services [image: IMG_1017.JPG] Questions that need to be answered included: -how to increase volume (Fremont County only recycles about 5% of its waste stream currently, which is low) -how to fund sorting costs (which is becoming cost prohibitive due to federal requirements regarding wages for CES clients) -how to offset $600,000 cost of the program -what is the true carbon footprint of recycling and moving the commodities A feasibility study for deeper solutions was brought up a couple times as well as additional public education on the matter. Personal responsibility was another common refrain. And one individual said he was exploring ways to bring an actual recycling business in Fremont County, but funding isn't there just yet. But one thing was certain, to the people in the room, losing recycling is not an option. #county10 #news