Local poets' work selected for new state collection

Jean A. Mathisen Haugen, of Lander, and Carol L. Deering, of Riverton, have poems in the 2016 WyoPoets chapbook, Labyrinth: Poems from Wyoming and Beyond. The chapbook will be released at the Riverton Library at the conclusion of the WyoPoets reading on Friday April 22 from 6:30 to 8:30. Haugen, a native of Wyoming whose family has lived in Lander since 1869, is the author of six books of poetry and over 1,000 published articles. She is a charter member of Wyoming Writers, Inc., and WyoPoets. Her poems in the chapbook are: “Parting of the Ways” and “I Chose to Marry.” Deering has twice received the Wyoming Arts Council Poetry Fellowship (2016 and 1999), and won first place in the 2015 Wyoming Writers, Inc., free-verse contest. She will be hosting the WyoPoets chapbook reading on the 22nd. Her poem is: “Shifting Gears.” From 99 entries, a total of 33 poems by 24 poets, residing in 11 Wyoming towns and in four other states, were selected for inclusion in the chapbook. The selections were made by a double-blind process: the poets submitted without knowing the identity of the juror, and the juror was not shown the poets’ names. This year’s judge was Wyoming’s current Poet Laureate and long-standing WyoPoets member, A. Rose Hill. The chapbook, a 50-page perfect-bound book, will be available for purchase. Here's a poem from the chapbook by Jean Mathisen Haugen of Lander: PARTING OF THE WAYS We've traveled far on this dust blown road, Pulling wagons with heavy loads. We've crossed the Missouri and the Platte, and recalled landmarks named this and that. Chimney Rock, Scotts Bluff and Independence Rock-- and had to guard wheels with a brake lock. We've buried many along the way-- Hard to go on and pass that day-- Run over by wagons, killed by cholera. 'T'was 100 miles back I lost my Ma. The dust is high and the wheels will creek. But we travel on to the homes we seek. Oregon, California or perhaps Zion-- Some pushing pushcarts and carrying on. Now we've come to the Parting of the Ways-- and will turn to go where we seek our days. We hold a dance 'round the firelight-- some sweethearts will say goodbye forever tonight. History has walked with all these days-- Now we mark coming to the Parting of the Ways. Jean Mathisen Haugen *Photo: Carol Deering reading at a Riverton Museum event. h/t to Dr. Jackson Crawford / Pitchengine Communitites* #county10 #news