BREAKING: Dubois murder suspect claims self defense

Today, a formal charge of Second Degree Murder was levied against 69-year-old James Morrison of Dubois. He is accused of shooting and killing 64-year-old Paul Good last Thursday on Cedar Drive in the Union Pass area. In this afternoon's initial appearance in Riverton Circuit Court, Morrison's attorney John Robinson of Jackson said his client was defending himself. "He was threatened with his life, and he saved his own life," Robinson said of Morrison. Robinson's statements came during bond arguments. He said that shortly after the shooting, Morrison traveled to Jackson to meet with Robinson to discuss what had happened. "It was always our intention to cooperate," Robinson said. He added that he intends to get his client in front of law enforcement to tell his story, and that he believes that County Attorney Pat LeBrun will eventually dismiss the charge. Should Morrison be found guilty, he could get 20 years to life in prison. Judge Wesley Roberts set Morrison's bond at $250,000 cash, giving the state the benefit of the doubt for public safety. According to the affidavit filed in the case, Good was found bleeding from a wound in the throat in the middle of Cedar Road by a motorist. At about the same time that the witness found him, Morrison arrived on an ATV. The witness asked to use a cell phone, but Morrison didn't have one, and according to the witness Morrison did not seem alarmed by the cite of Morrison. Good was known to take nearly daily walks in the area. Good is believed to have been armed at the time of the shooting. He had an empty holster, and the revolver fitting it was found 30 feet away, on the other side of a fence, with no un-fired casings inside. [image: DSCN0813.JPG] Multiple witnesses in the area reported seeing Morrison traveling back and forth in the area of the shooting, and one reported hearing a single gunshot. Morrison reportedly told investigators that he had not seen Good in the neighborhood until he came upon him after he had suffered a gunshot wound. Autopsy determined that a large caliber round was used in the shooting, and one of Morrison's guns commonly known as a .410 Judge had been recently fired. It also had suspected blood on it. Other biological evidence was reportedly also found on Morrison's ATV. A preliminary hearing has been set for Wednesday, April 20. Morrison is a life-long Wyomingite, having grown up in Casper, spent time in Riverton and lived in Dubois since 2009. Featured photo Morrison gestures to someone in the audience during today's initial appearance. #county10 #buckrail #news