Three painters give their blessings to Dubois

Yesterday, on a gloomy Sunday evening, three painters bestowed a gift of peace and pleasure on the people of Dubois: the opportunity to view some of their artworks and discuss them face-to-face in an intimate setting, during the quiet time of early spring. Four of the works on display, wildlife paintings by Dubois artist Greg Beecham, will appear this summer at the prestigious Prix de West exhibition in Oklahoma City . [image: falcon_beecham.jpg] Besides resting their gaze on splendidly rendered views of their own surroundings (and enjoying a tempting array of refreshments), Dubois residents had the chance to hear from Beecham how he captured that hostile glare from the grizzly protecting its stick, and from Hudson artist Jerry Antolik how a moose and its calf suddenly emerged while he was quietly painting a placid lily pond up on Union Pass. As well as several of his vivid paintings of Native American crafts, Tom Lucas displayed some of his own craftwork in the same style, including one of the bows he crafted from a bighorn sheep horn, using authentic Shoshone techniques. [image: beecham_swan.jpg] This is the third such show. They began two years ago, when Beecham decided not to return his paintings to storage immediately after another exhibition elsewhere, but to display them again for his friends and neighbors in Dubois. Beecham recalled hearing a visitor at another show say, “What do you want to do? Do you want to impress, or bless?” “That’s when I decided,” he said. “I want to bless this town.” [image: lucas_visitors.jpg] Last year, he invited Dubois artists Tom Lucas and Gary Keimig to join him, and this year Antolik of Hudson also shared in the show. (Keimig, who was away at an exhibition in Casper this year, lent some of this paintings for display at the show in Dubois.) Beecham said he intends to repeat the show next year. *Feature photo: Artist Greg Beecham* *h/t Lois Wingerson / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news