Bernie Sanders sides with tribes on Reservation/Riverton boundary suit

In a statement issued after his wife visited with the Northern Arapaho Tribe on the Wind River Reservation and Lander, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders effectively said that Riverton belongs within the reservation's boundaries. The State of Wyoming is still in court challenging a 2013 ruling by the Environmental Protection Agency that the city of Riverton is within the boundaries of the reservation. The issue became hotly contested from the moment the determination was announced. The state and some locals claim that previous treaties place Riverton outside of the boundaries, which is how Riverton has been operating. “The boundary of the Wind River Indian Reservation has not been diminished," Sanders said. "I stand in solidarity with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and Northern Arapaho Tribe on this issue and urge the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to affirm this fact in the case they are currently considering. Ruling otherwise would be approving an attempt by the state of Wyoming to seize land from the tribes. In my view, the Supreme Court’s decision in Nebraska v. Parker was the correct one, and this precedent should be applied to the Wyoming case as well.” The Nebraska case that Sanders references may not have any actual bearing on the Wyoming case, local legal officials have said . *photo h/t Gage Skidmore* #county10 #springcity #news