Is Lander Main Street safe for pedestrians and cyclists?

Main Street is a 5-lane highway with a speed limit of 30 mph. According to the WYDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning document, this is an "arterial street" where shared use is inappropriate and unsafe. This causes cyclists, particularly children, to ride on the sidewalks. *A WYDOT 5-year accident report indicates roughly 6% of our injury crashes on Main Street involve an automobile and a bicycle.* And, another part of the issue: It's also the center of our community: [image: Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.32.46 AM.png] *What can be done?* The City of Lander is putting increased priority on providing safe routes for bicycle and pedestrian safety on Main Street. A program for Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety on Main Street is currently examining how retro-fitting existing infrastructure can help. Through the public involvement program that resulted in the 2012 Lander Master Plan, citizens of Lander have expressed desire to create a walkable, bike-able system within the exiting transportation network. "Much of this cycle traffic could be diverted by creating one way bicycle lanes on the adjacent streets of Lincoln and Garfield Street, both one block from Main Street," reported RaJean Fossen, City Administrator. "This would increase the pedestrian safety on Main Street while still allowing for cyclist access to the downtown commercial district in a safe manner. It would also create a continuous and safe addition Lander’s existing multi-modal pathway system for east-west cyclist traffic." The City of Lander will perform all the planning, design and construction in-house with two full-time professional engineers on staff and the possibility of contracting with outside consultants. Planning will be needed to assess the information from the existing data sources and include a public involvement process. Lander has a growing number of cyclists and an active Lander Area Pathway System (LAPS) Committee that has also become involved in the process. Current involvement has come from several individuals representing varied organizations in the community: - RaJean Fossen, City of Lander - Gina Colovich, Lander Area Pathways System - Rob Meeker, Wyoming Catholic College - Brian Fabel, Lander Chamber of Commerce - Michael Cheek, Central Wyoming College - Sara Felix, Lander Parks & Recreation - Samuel Hartpence, Interested Lander Resident "A main street is not only a place that drivers use to get from one place to the next, but it should also be a destination for leisure, shopping, entertainment, and also help define the culture of a community," shared Hartpence, Lander father of two children. "I hope our infrastructure improves safety for all users (cars, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.), and perhaps can also help our local economy by enhancing our down town as a destination for locals and visitors alike." County 10 will be publishing a survey this week to solicit community feedback that will be used in this planning process. #news #county10