Soccer: a sure sign of spring in County 10 country

Spring in Fremont County can bring rain, sleet, hail, wind or snow. On our morning drives to work we crank up the heat and by afternoon the AC is blasting. We’ve spent the winter huddled together inside trying to stay warm and spring gives us moments of sun and warmth. We emerge from our winter dens and just stand outside waving to our neighbors, who we haven’t seen in months, just enjoying the ability to be outside without the air hurting our face. We get so excited we walk around in shorts and tank tops even though it’s only 41 degrees. To us, it's a tropical paradise! But then, the spring storms hit, the snow falls and our spirits are momentarily crushed until, alas, the sun comes out again. How do we even know when the season changes from winter to spring? [image: IMG_2971.JPG] Well that’s easy: soccer! Parents are loading up their restless kids, packing blankets, chairs, coats, hats, bug spray, even sunscreen and bustling down to the soccer fields every evening to battle whatever weather the day may bring. The kids are laughing and excited to be sporting their new cleats and shin guards. The neighbor dogs are so excited to have all the new friends in their backyards they are breaking out of their fences and joining the fun running through the park and stealing soccer balls. [image: IMG_2868.JPG] As Robin Williams put it “spring is nature's way of saying let's party,” and that is just what we are doing! [image: IMG_2972.JPG] The streets by the soccer fields are packed with minivans and SUVs. Tired parents are loaded down like pack mules with all the items needed to have a successful hour at soccer and trudging across the field with smiles on their faces. It’s a wonderful time in Fremont County! Get out there and enjoy the sun... and the wind, and maybe some more snow. Oh, and don’t forget the mosquitoes are coming. That won't stop us. We grow 'em tough here. #gard #county10 #news