RMS track meet: it takes a village

The Riverton Middle School hosted their annual track meet this last Saturday the 9th and it was a sight to see! By 8:00am the entire middle school, high school, side streets and JC Park parking lots were full. Many volunteers and teachers each put in roughly 10 hour days to make it successful and, from a spectator's standpoint, it went smoothly. 980 athletes from schools around the state including Riverton, Lander, Shoshoni, Wyoming Indian, Rock Springs, Green River, Worland, Ft. Washakie, Rawlins, St. Stephens, Wind River, Cody and Powell all competed in the events. [image: track.jpg] By 10:30 there were hundreds and hundreds of people in the stadium. You could spend a half hour weaving around the long jump, shock put and discus crowds looking for a particular athlete. Many of these middle schoolers could be mistaken for high schoolers, they were so impressive. The organization and manpower it took to run the event was notable. [image: track15.jpg] The first running events were hurdles and the 100 yard dash with the hurdles on one side of the track and 100 yard dash on the other. The sound of the shotgun start repeated over and over again for the 100 yard dash, it being the most popular event, took hours to herd all the athletes through. By 5:00pm they had gone through the mile, 400 meter and were onto the 800 meter. Athletes and spectators were also sporting striking red sunburns.[image: track13.jpg] Volunteers and Coaches including Lance Gard, Travis McIntosh, and Phil Orbell handed each finisher of the 800 meter a stick with their place on it and shuffled them in their finishing order to the volunteer recording places and times. When the last runner of that race’s 800 meter rounded the final corner the next round’s pack of runners jogged up behind them taking their place at the start line so the next race could start immediately preceding the finish. It was hard to tell who was more out of breathe the volunteers or the runners but it was impressive organized chaos at the very least. [image: track12.jpg] Bryon Mowry started each race and reportedly went through 3+ boxes of starting rounds by the end of the day. It was an amazing event to watch! If you weren’t there you missed out and if you were there you have the sunburn to prove it! #gard #county10 3news