BIA Officer terminated following recent kidnapping allegation

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - A Bureau of Indian Affairs officer has been charged with kidnapping after an allegedly violent encounter with his significant other. On Monday, April 18th Curran was terminated from employment with the BIA. William Arthur Curran, an officer on the Wind River Indian Reservation, has been charged with kidnapping. According to the complaint indicate that the officer handcuffed his wife in their Fort Washakie home and threatened to kill her on Monday. Curran has been employed on the reservation since July 2014. Today in Federal Court in Casper, Curran waived his preliminary hearing with his attorney, Michael Bennett. Under the supervision of US Magistrate Judge Michael Shickich, Curran was expected to be released to the care and custody of an officer with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and allowed to return to Fremont County. The alleged victim has moved out of the state and Curran has been ordered a no contact order with the alleged victim. At the hearing, it was determined that Curran has been evicted from government housing and he has been ordered to clean out his residence. According to court records, a complaint was filed in the case by the U.S. Attorney's Office detailing a violent encounter between Curran and the victim. Curran allegedly came home later than the victim had expected, and he was intoxicated. A fight began when he returned home, and he reportedly physically kept her from leaving and struck her multiple times while doing so. In an attempt to escape, the victim stabbed Curran in the leg with a cork screw and attempted to fend him off using miscellaneous items around the house. After handcuffing the victims wrists and ankles, Curran allegedly made threats such as "I am going to kill you and bury you in the mountains" and "I am going to bury you alive," the court documents state. The victim was able to dial 911 on her cell phone without Curran's knowledge, and that began a back and forth "wrong number" exchange between Curran and dispatchers after he found 911 calling her phone back. Eventually, the victim was able to convince him to un-cuff her, but he continued to refuse to let her leave. The next morning she was able to seek help and the investigation began. The federal penalty for kidnapping can range from no prison time to life imprisonment. #county10 #news