BREAKING: Airport Support Bill passes U.S. Senate

A piece of legislation originally sponsored by Senior Wyoming U. S. Senator Mike Enzi and later co-sponsored by Junior Senator John Barrasso that would support smaller airports in Wyoming has passed the Senate on a 95-3 vote. The legislation would restore Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding to those airports like Riverton that dipped below the 10,000 passenger enplanement mark and ensure Transportation Security Administration (TSA) service to airports like Sheridan, which lost that service when Great Lakes Airlines discontinued service there. If the legislation passes the house, Riverton would see its annual $1-million AIP allocation reinstated. The two senators said the loss of passenger traffic at smaller regional airports in the state was a direct result of Federal Aviation Administration rule changes that negatively impacted regional air carriers across the nation. "This is great news for Riverton and the State of Wyoming," said Riverton Public Works Director Kyle Butterfield. "Air service is vital to our regional communities and the reauthorization bill passed by the Senate is a great step towards improving this service." Butterfield, who is also the manager of Riverton Regional Airport, said the provision of the act regarding the AIP funding, "will greatly assist the city's efforts in maintaining airport infrastructure. Furthermore, the provision returning TSA to airports like Sheridan County Airport will have a direct positive impact for Riverton as we will soon share air service with Sheridan. Now, let's hope the House passes the bill as well," he told today. According to a news release from the two Wyoming Senators, the bill also includes passenger-friendly provisions, such as refunds for lost or delayed bags, along with new security and counterterrorism measures. *Feature Photo: Riverton Regional Airport. (Pitchengine Communities) * #county10 #news