Locally made video highlights "WY am I here?"

Nathan Schucker owns and operates Pushroot Films in Lander, Wyoming. He also recently published a video (below) for submission to Wyoming Short Film Contest . Pitchengine reached out to get a bit of background so that we could share and celebrate local creativity, but with context: *Pitchengine:* *What is the genesis for this video?* *Schucker:* *I found out about the Wyoming Short Film Contest held by the Wyoming Film Office a few years ago. I've entered films ever since. But this is the first year I had the time to shoot something tailored specifically for the contest. * [image: nathan.jpg] *With only a week to work on it I contacted Jessie Allen to see if she would be interested in the project. Luckily she said yes and because she literally does all the things in the film on a daily basis, it was clear we would use her actual life, to answer the Film Office's central question to the contest "WY am I here?"* *We shot in 3 locations on 4 different days during the evenings. Primarily at Allen's Diamond 4 Ranch in Lander, a neighboring ranch who happened to be having a branding, and Sinks Canyon. Every location was perfect and helped highlight the difference in landscape we have access to within the span of a few miles.* *So far the response has been extraordinary. We had suspicions that the concept would resonate with Wyomingites but didn't expect the level of positive feedback we've gotten. One of Jessie's lines I ended up cutting was "..that there's a humble pride here in what we're able to do." She's absolutely right.* [insert video] #county10 #news #county17 #oilcity #reboot #buckrail #shortgo #springcity #dally