Orange cars, yellow cars, blue cars and Pinewood Derby cars

What could be more exciting for an 8 year old boy than building a car and racing against all his buddies? Probably not much! 24 boys and their cheering families from the Cub Scout Pack 4076 got together Saturday the 16th at the Riverton LDS Church for a morning of Pinewood Derby excitement. Tired dads, who stayed up way too late working on cars the night before, made last minute adjustments minutes before the event started. One car’s paint was still drying when the race began! [image: IMG_3039.JPG] Mitch Reveilli was the race announcer with Steven Weaver and Bret McDonald working the starting line. Scouts, parents, grandparents and siblings watched eagerly and cheered for their favorite racer. Orange cars, yellow cars, blue cars and even a bowling pin car took their turns speeding down the track. In the end, the orange car built by Landon Nez and his grandpa turned out to be unbeatable although the second place Gavin Draper’s car was hot on its heels.