New Business Spaces coming to former Lander Elevator

*Feature Photo: Shortly after purchasing the Lander Mills Elevator, bicycle enthusiast Trey Warren added a bike to the top of the structure, and then did a balancing act on it. (Pitchengine Communities) * (Lander, Wyo.) - Trey Warren arrived in Lander from Houston, Texas, in June of 1994 for a week of rock climbing. He never went back. "I fell in love with Lander, I adore the climate here with its four seasons, the winter is bearable and the sun always comes out, I love all the public lands here and the access to those lands, the wildlife and the easy-going nature of the people in Lander," Warren said Wednesday. "I love the diversity of the people in Lander and there are some real high-caliber folks who live and work here." [image: Inline image 1] *Trey Warren (Pitchengine Communities) * A carpenter all of his life, Warren decided to start his own construction company in April of 2001 after his daughter Lena was born. He went to a children's fable for the name of his company. Wimpy Wolf Builders. As Trey tells it, it's from the Three Little Pigs tale where the wolf tried to blow down the pig's brick house, but failed. The Wimpy Wolf. With that bit of whimsey, Warren began to build houses, do remodeling and general construction including strawbale houses, passive solar homes and, of course, timber frame homes. He gained a reputation for top quality work. The entrepreneur in Warren had sights set on a bigger project. The tallest structure in Lander. "It took me two years to convince the previous owner of the Lander Mills elevator to sell it to me, I thought it was a tremendous redevelopment opportunity. I looked at it as a painter looks to his palette, I knew it could be redeveloped without changing the look." With the assurance that the elevator would remain, it was sold to him. "I have one tenant in the elevator now, the Bike Shop, and I have three more lined up," including a Yoga Studio in the center of the building for his wife Jageo. "It's going to be a great little corner (South 1st Street and Main). I'll have seven spaces available when It's done, they're not huge but perfect for small enterprises." The incoming president of the Lander Rotary Club, Warren remains active in the Lander Community, his adopted forever home. #county10 #news