RMS teams place 1st, 2nd at State Science Olympiad

*Feature Photo: Two RMS teams won first and second places at the Science Olympiad State Tournament in Casper earlier this month. (Aziz Waheed / Pitchengine Communities) * (Riverton, Wyo.) - Riverton Middle School Science Olympiad teams took first and second places at the Casper College tournament on April 2nd. Instructor Aziz Waheed said that "out of our two teams that won, only 16 students are able to be a part of the national team. Nationals will take place at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, WI. Our group will head to nationals on May 18th." See the complete results below. One of the national competitors and a student that Waheed said has been a gold medal winner each year in the state competition is 8th grader Trevon Stevens. To date Stevens has captured gold medals three times in Anatomy and Physiology; twice in Entomology, twice in Fossils and once in Invasive Species. [image: Inline image 1] *Trevon Stevens (Pitchengine Communities) * "I really liked the life sciences projects in third grade, dinosaurs, and stuff, and that really sparked my interest and I've like science ever since. I like learning something new," Stevens said. He added that he is thinking about becoming a surgeon. Not only does Stevens like to hit the books, he also plays the trombone in the RMS band and is a member of the school's swim team. At home, he said he likes to play baseball with his four younger brothers. Two of the 16 national competitors and state medal winners are 8th graders Sydney Chatfield and Madilynn Smith, who originally were not teamed together, but now make up a dynamic duo, Waheed said. [image: Inline image 2] *Sydney Chatfield and Madilynn Smith (Pitchengine Communities) * The pair earned first-place finishes at state in the Picture This and Bio Process Lab categories. "Picture this is a lot like Pictionary," Chatfield said. "The lab is basically biology," Smith said. The two girls also finished with second place medals in Green Generation, about environmental impacts, and Reaching for the Stars, an astronomy category. "We had to memorize constellations and figure out what kind of stars were in them due to their light spectrums," Smith said. "I thought the science classes were really cool," Sydney said, "It was about things we know and things we don't yet know. I liked that. I like understanding how the world works." "The world is so much bigger than I ever comprehended, but simple at the same time," Madilynn said. "I actually hated science until I got to middle school, then I started to understand it and it made sense to me." [image: Inline image 3] *7th graders Annabelle Backus and Isaac Almejo-Ponce showed off their "Scrambler" rubber-band powered car with CD Discs as wheels. (Pitchengine Communities) * Air Trajectory Elastic Launched Glider Picture This 1st place 1st place 1st place Tristan Kettlehut and Andrew Shroyer Peter Fahey and Sage Orbell Sydney Chatfield and Madilynn Smith 3rd place 2nd place Ashton Settlemire and Joseph Thornton Cole Broadhead and Taylor Stevens Reach for the Stars 2 way tie for 2nd Anatomy and Physiology Expermimental Design Madilynn Smith and Sydney Chatfield 1st place 1st place Sage Orbell and Peter Fahey Trevon Stevens and Dillon Forbis Sabrina Donaldson and Abbie Stucki 2nd place Road Scholar Katelyn Fischer and Elisa Polson Fossils 1st place 1st place Cade Campbell Bio Process Lab Trevon Stevens and Dillon Forbis Mackenzie Becker 1st place 3rd place Sydney Chatfield and Madilynn Smith Tristan Kettlehut and Isaac Almejo Pounce Scrambler 2nd place 2nd place Cade Campbell and Mackenzie Becker Green Generation Isaac Almejo-Ponce 2nd place Bottle Rocket Sydney Chatfield and Madilynn Smith Wind Power 1st place 2nd Place Gabi Vincent and Mackenzie Becker Invasive Species Annabelle Backus and Brodie Bates 2nd Place 1st place Elisa Polson and Annabelle Backus Trevon Stevens and Dillon Forbis Write it do it 1st place Bridge Building Meteorology Cole Broadhead and Taylor Stevens 2nd Place 2nd place 2nd place Cade Campbell and Israel Holguin Sage Orbell and Peter Fahey Israel Holguin and Gabi Vince Crave the Wave (Physics) 1st place -Riverton Team 2 2nd place overall Israel Holguin and Gabi Vincent -Riverton Team 1 First place overall -Only 1 point difference between our two teams, 30 points ahead of Gillette who came in third Dynamic Planet -Outstanding members-Trevon Stevens and Dillon Forbis have finished middle school by only getting gold medals in each event for three years straight! 1st place -Outstanding Coach Award Ashton Settlemire and Joseph Thornton [image: Inline image 4] *Aziz Waheed / Pitchengine Communities * #county10 #news