Sloan talks horses over breakfast and lunch

(Riverton, Wyo.) - Jodie Sloan has two full-time jobs, sort of. She owns the Cove Restaurant downtown Riverton and is a horse breeder. She's good at both. A native of Western Montana, Jodie grew up out in the country with horses and today she raises 10 to 15 colts a year including a few champagne quarter horse colts. "I got three of them this year," she said. She still lives out in the country. "I love the country lifestyle," she said. Her place is northwest of Riverton. "My passion is horses, but I have to work, too," she laughed. And work she does. She began at a tender young age and liked the work. "I've tried a few other things, but I always come back to this." Along with her "right-hand man" Jeannie Naef, her long-time chief cook and bottle washer, the two operate the restaurant. Jodie takes care of the front of the house and waits and buses tables while Jeannie is in charge of the kitchen. "She calls the shots back there, I let her do what she does best," Sloan said. The two collaborate on the menu and get advice from their customers on what should be there. Most recently, the menu was expanded to provide breakfast service all day long. "It's really gone well, it's popular with our customers." Sloan said. "All day" means 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Cove's hours for breakfast and lunch. Sloan is right at home in the restaurant, which she has owned now for a dozen years. Before purchasing the business at East Main and South 3rd East, she worked there for 10 years, so she's built up a loyal clientele. "That's what I like best about this place is the regular people who come in that I've made friends with," she said. The restaurant is known for its hamburgers, which are hand pressed from fresh ground beef and served in a variety of ways. "We have the best burgers in town, our customers tell us. I think having fresh ground beef is much better than frozen patties," she said. Jeannie has been cooking since she was 14 and over her career has had much experience in national chain restaurants around the country, including such names as Red Lobster, Denny's, Shoney's and Village Inn, to name a few. Also a fan of the country lifestyle, Jeannie lives northwest of town. The restaurant was remodeled and became smoke-free a year ago when Barbara Muir, who owns the building, moved her Sadie's Bar into the space. The two are not open at the same time, so there's no conflict, although Sloan lost a half-dozen or so tables in the process. With the downturn in the local economy, it's been slow, so if you want to talk about horses and have a fresh cup of coffee at the same time, Jodie's Cove Restaurant is the place to go. #county10 #news