Two local residents scammed; Cash, merchandise lost

(Riverton, Wyo.) - The Riverton Police Department this morning said two city residents were defrauded in two different scams this week. In one instance, Captain Eric Murphy said police were called about an individual trying to cash a $2,400 cashiers check at several pawn shops. The check was dated in 2014 and was allegedly issued by a bank in Colorado. The man was eventually contacted at Walmart where he said he had sold a $1,000 item on eBay and the buyer sent him this check and asked him to cash it and send him the balance. Unfortunately for the local resident, the check was fraudulent and he had already sent his item to the buyer. In the second incident, Murphy said a local woman was doing some grant writing and received a call saying that she had been selected for a $9,000 grant, but that she needed to pay $285 in advance for taxes before the money would be released. She went to Walmart and sent the caller the money. It was a scam. "We ask residents to be aware of these kinds of scams all year long," Murphy said. "No matter how good they sound, people should never give out personal information over the phone or send unknown people money in hopes of receiving more money." *Image: via Google Images / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news