Landerites experience mushrooms like never before

The little town of Lander was host to the meeting of TWO of the top mycologist in the world last Saturday. A mycologist, by the way, is a mushroom guy. LocalTaste sponsored a mushroom tasting at the Middle Fork restaurant and in addition to the most scrumptious mushroom dishes that ever crossed their palate. Over 70 folks were able to listen to the two top mushroomers in the world. Jack States from Lander, well known for his work with honey bees and apple trees, has recently published a book about wild mushrooms of the Rocky Mountains. Also speaking was Dr. John C. Holliday. Dr. Holliday recently purchased the mushroom plant is Shoshoni and furnished the shiitakes for the event. A nationally known authority on fungi, Dr. Holliday along with Wind River Mushroom CEO Roger Scott and head grower Joey Schlegal are working at a furious pace to get organic gourmet mushrooms back into our diet. *h/t Jack Schmidt / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news