#WyoStrong: One year and remaining positive

(Riverton, Wyo.) - Felix Walter and his son Aiden, 2, were walking down Fremont Street in Riverton with a bunch of papers in Felix's hands. Walter had just been at Wyoming Workforce Services looking for a new job. "I was a floor handler for Cyclone Drilling in North Dakota," the Riverton man said. "I was laid off in February of 2015 and I've been looking since then." Walter did what many folks have done, taken unemployment until it ran out. Today, he has a lead on a couple of jobs. "I've been helping out my uncles and my family with odd jobs and such. I might have to get training now," he said. "I have a GED but I guess a high school diploma would've been better." The jobs he is applying for this day are for a mechanic's position and at a manufacturing company. "I don't have any experience in those, but I'm willing to learn," he said. "I'm not giving up, there has to be something out there." With the downturn in the local economy, Walter said finding work is a challenge. "It's been a tough job market, it's really bad, there are few jobs," he said. "I had a cousin move back to Michigan to find work, and I don't want to move." Walter's son Aiden turns three in July and he wants to be around to celebrate it with him. #wyostrong #county10 #news #buckrail #reboot #springcity #dally #county17 #shortgo