So, what's a Cowboy Poet anyway?

*Feature Photo: Entertaining the crowd was Lander's own Pushroot Rangers providing the music led by Karl Brauneis. (h/t Jean Mathisen Haugen / Pitchengine Communities) * (Shoshoni, Wyo.) - There was a good turnout and lots of stories told during the 4th Annual Cowboy Poet Gathering at Shoshoni this past week. Out when the West was young, it is said that ranch hands and cowboys would entertain each other over a campfire after a long days work with tall tales and stories. Perhaps the original rappers? It was usually extemporaneous and rhymed. Today, there are several kinds of the art form, traditional and contemporary. One of the poets at the Shoshoni gathering, Lander's Jean Mathisen Haugen, recently had a poem, "His Own Way", picked as one of 8 poems selected for the ArtSpur poetry competition at the Bar D/ That site "celebrates the arts and life of rural communities in the real working West." *Photos h/t Jean Mathisen Haugen / Pitchengine Communities* [image: Inline image 1]Wyoming Singer and Poet Hubb Whitt provided music and stories. [image: Inline image 2] Lander Poet Rodger Weitzel with his new book "Ribbons of the Past," of which he read from. [image: Inline image 3] Poet Rick Pitt of Lander shared his stories. [image: Inline image 4]Garland Kennington of Riverton told some tales. [image: Inline image 5] Shoshoni Librarian and host of the event, Wanda Weicz, sitting, shared a photo with her husband Gary. [image: Inline image 1] Jean Mathisen Haugen #county10 #news