Here come your tax assessment notices

*Feature Photo: Fremont County Assessor Tara Berg addressed the Rotary Club of Lander today. (Pitchengine Communities)* (Lander, Wyo.) - Fremont County residents should have their 2106 tax assessments by now. County Assessor Tara Berg said they went in the mail last week. In a presentation before the Rotary Club of Lander, Berg said property owners now have 30 days to appeal or learn more about the value of the property. "You have a voice. If you stay involved, attend budget meetings that are now being held by boards across the county, you'll know where your tax dollars are going," she said. "If you have a question about your assessment, come in and ask, or go to our website and view a three-minute video that explains the process." Berg said Fremont County's valuation has dipped about 28 percent this year due to a drop in oil and gas production. "It's one-half of what it was last year," she said. Berg also reminded military veterans to renew or apply for their annual Veteran's Exemption, which she said would save veterans about $220 a year on their tax bill. The Veterans Exemption for this year will expire on the 4th Monday in May. The county assessor told the Rotarians that her staff visits each property every six years to see what, if any changes, have been made in residences or properties. The assessor's office assesses 25,000 properties a year, including agricultural land, commercial properties, residential homes and industrial sites. #county10 #news