Donkey Basketball might be our favorite new sport

This evening members of the Lander Police Department, Lander Fire/EMS, Lander Medical Clinic and LVHS Staff & Students competed in donkey basketball. Donkey basketball is exactly what it sounds like: basketball while riding donkeys. But the main purpose of the night was to raise funds for students of Skills USA to help them compete in competitions. But tonight's competition went to the Lander Medical Clinic/Western Family Care team. The Shoshoni Fire Department won the competition on the other side of the county last night. Check out a video of that action here . [image: IMG_1082.JPG][image: IMG_1086.JPG][image: IMG_1080.JPG][image: IMG_1083.JPG] *photos h/t Mike Coyne / Pitchengine Communities* #county10 #news