Ombudsman has fielded several complaints

(Riverton, Wyo.) - Earlier this year, Jane Juve was added to the payroll at the Riverton Police Department to serve as an "ombudsman" to field and investigate complaints of discrimination within the community. "My job is to advocate, mediate and educate," Juve said. "For that reason, we'll be sponsoring a Fair Housing Seminar at the end of May. It will give folks a chance to read and reason together." So far, Juve said she has received a couple of calls about landlord-tenant issues, and one of the complaints is being investigated. "People simply don't know the difference between landlord-tenant law and the fair housing law," she said. "That's why we're doing the seminar, so people will have a chance to learn." Under the fair housing law, for instance, Juve said landlords cannot charge deposits for service dogs, such as therapy and emotional support animals along with such service animals as seeing eye dogs and dogs for the deaf. "I hope to do an outreach to landlords to get as many of them there as possible," she said. "I'm firming up the details and speakers now. It will most likely be a mid-day, several hour event to keep it convenient for people to attend." #county10 #news